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How to get Skype old version for iphone

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I have accident update the skype for iPhone, on iTune, to the latest version (3.5.117) and I also restore the firmware of my iphone. I do not have any backup for the skype. The latest version of Skype does not support my iphone 2G so I could not install it in my iPhone. FYI, before I flash firmware, I have used skype without any problem. Anyone has any idea to get the old version of the skype.

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I have the same problem did you find an older version of skype for your IPHONE?
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I installed the new version on my iphone 4, and it was a big mistake, I should have read the reviews first. New version is super slow, downloads tons of old messages, freezes all the time. If you find out how to get an older version, please let me know!!
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I found the way! If you still have the older version in your recylce bin, you can delete the new version from your phone, then in Itunes, then sync it.   Then click on the old version, it is a file ending with .ipa - it would autimatically appear in your apps in Itunes, and then you just sync your phone. If you dont have the old version in the trash, let me know, I can email it

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I have the same problem, could you please send me the old appl file. thanks


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Hi.  I would also really appreciate a copy of the old version. Ta.



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could you please send me the old skype appl file. thank you so much.
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can i please get a copy of the old skype emailed to me??

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Can I also get a copy of the old skype file please? Also can you pls explain to me how to put it in iTunes and install it in my iPhone? Many Thans
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Could you please send me the old version, while I'm tired of the current one! Thanks in advance.


Kind regards,


Daniel Abom

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