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How to downgrade Skype app?

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Come on Skype address this major problem, or at least respond to it!!!!!!!! Very annoyed paying ex-user
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I was having some issues with my 3G and decided to reset and restore everything.  Everything came back EXCEPT for the Skype application.


4.2.1 is the last and latest version of IOS available for the iPhone 3G.


I do not have a copy of the version that actually installed on my phone as iTunes attempted to bring down an update somewhere along the way the did not install.  This replaced the previously working version of Skype.


I think Skype support should offer the last version (perhaps via a link on the support site to the *.ipa file) that can run on IOS 4.2.1 for those of us that get into this situation.  Of course this should be offered "as is".  The user accept the fact that this version would not be updated or enhanced.  It would at least give access to Skype back to us and we can continue being loyal to Skype.


For myself, my wife is critically ill and I have many required expenses to support her.  I need to watch my cash flow.  As such, I still am using my old 3G and will need to keep it for now.


Thank You.

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I am having the same problem. I want Skype to fix this problem as soon as possible.

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I am new to this Support Network but it appears that the "Skype Team" is not present here or will help out with this topik. I have the same problem and are very dissipointed as a customer for almost 10 years, and I have both Skype in and out!

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Try Truephone. Costs are the same as Skype and it is a free app. Why should I have to buy a new iPhone or iPod just to have video. Bummed

Cliff Waeschle
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Hey i am using older version of skype on my iPhone 3g and using skype older version skype 3.0 so here i am going to send you a youtube link which will help you to download skype 3.0


Hope this will help you

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sucks!  I also upgraded my IOS, now cant run skype!!!!


The silence from skype support is deafening!


I have two words for for them and they ain't "happy birthday"


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It looks like Skype become more professional with Microsoft. You just don't care about people with iPhone 3G. We will don't care about you. There is more softwares to communicate online. Bye Bye Skype.

Your decision was, lets face it, stupid.

And thanks for answering our messages. 

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Hmm. I just dicover website with instruction how to change software version in files, so you can run Skype on iOS 3.2. It look like it is been made on purpose. Congrats guys. Are you going to fix it? Or you want hackers to do it for you?

Another option is to hack iPhone and install old version of Skype downloaded from torrents. Awesome. So, stop blaming us for using this webistes. You are pushing us to do it.

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yes same i have tried but it wont let me do microsoft going to fix this or are we forver denied skype on me iphone


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