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How do you unblock people on new skype?

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Novel Tourist
I literally cant find anything that will allow me to unblock someone on the new iOS5 skype.
Anyone know how to?
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Casual Tourist

 You have to go onto thier profile page when adding them by clicking thier photo or name, then you click the blue bubble and go into the previous conversation you had with them. Then you will be able to select the unblock option from inside the chat dialogue box. Peace.

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Casual Tourist
Wow thanks! i was really angry at myself for blocking my friend, now i can talk to him again
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Novel Tourist
i dont know how to unlock my friend because i deleted our converstation
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Novel Adventurer
I still can't do it because there is no button to unblock the person
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Novel Adventurer
I'm sure one of these can help you, but i have the same QUESTION!
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Novel Tourist

Just go to the left pane of skype, you will see your blocked friend in there. Do a secondary click on its name to see the various options you get, and select unblock. I had the same issue and solved it. 



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Novel Tourist
The way I did this was to search for the person in the "search" box at the top right of the screen. When I found them in the list show. I right clicked and unblocked...

Casual Tourist

Look in your history, it should say the name of your contact and then "blocked contact."


Click that, and your contact should show up on the left in recent. right click and select unblock.

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Novel Tourist

If you have deleted the conversation or are having trouble, the easiest way (this is faster even if you have the conversation) is to go to contacts, add new contact, and then search the person you blocked.  Click send frend request and it will say you must inblock them first and then click unblock.  This is super easy and I fifured it out myself.  Have fun.

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