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How do you log out on iPhone 4S

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How do you log out of Skype on iPhone 4S it used to be beside people but its changed and I don't know...
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There is a button in the top right corner on the Profile screen to sign out.

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I've upgraded to iOS7 and now Skype wont log me out. Previously you just close out and shut down the Skype app. Now if you're skyping on the computer, the messages also come up on your iphone, even when you're not logged onto the phone. EXTREMELY ANNOYING

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i logged out and messages are still occouring in notifications in my iphone 5S ios 7.0.3

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Likewise. The app is closed on the iPad, but I'm still receiving messages. I don't check my iPad that often, so the messages are delivered and I'm frequently unaware of them. And then they're not sent to my desktop (which I do use often) because Skype thinks I've already seen/read them.


In other words, if the app is closed, please could it effectively sign me out (even if it doesn't actually sign me out) and disregard all incoming messages?



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On IOS7 on iPhone 5 I cannot stop messages being pushed to my phone even after logout, I use Skype all the time and it's not just annoying its soul destroying and battery offensive!


SKYPE - Sort this unprofessional, poorly thought about, incredibly annoying and totally unnecessary error and let users logout - this is so basic yet a complete disaster for my communications. Skype is being uninstalled until this ridiculous issue has been rectified.

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Just uninstall and then reinstall when you want to use Skype. If we all do that they fix it. It's game theoretical.
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Count me in the annoyment club!!


I have different accounts for my computer and my iPhone. People send me Skype messages while I'm not supposed to be signed in on my iPhone (5S).


This issue is so terribly annoying besides the already annoying fact that I keep getting messages days later...


The future is not Skype for me, definitely NOT!! The issues with the service keep disappointing me, be them technically or interface-related...

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OKAY so the problem is the App itself. Skype needs to fix this error on the app. There is a temporary fix however. I just sent in a review on the app store explaining this problem. I dont want people to think im ignoring them when I'm not even online even though it says I am. In your Skype app you can either go invisible or you can appear offline. That way no one will even bother to try and IM you after you have signed out on both your app and computer. This is the only thing you can do for the time being til Skype fixes this little bug.

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open Skype in the bottom u will have an option to open ur profile.....
Profile shows it name and there will b an arrow. Click it and u will have an option to sign out
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