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How do you add people to the skype call already?

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If you are using an iPad, touch the plus shaped sign in the upper right hand corner and select the search Skype directory option. Type in your contact. Once you do that, click on them and touch the add contact button in the upper right hand corner. Hope this helps!!!
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What about an iPod Touch/iPhone?

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On a message type /add and then the Skype name of the person you want to add.
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Wow, thanks guys! That's been bugging me for ages!


A little more detailed How-To:

  • On the current call screen (iPad & iPhone/iPod), hit the little options button next to the other call buttons (it is a circle with 3 horiontal lines inside it), then hit show messages.


  • From there, type: /add username   -where username is replaced with their skype name.
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how do you do it on iphone?

please help me!!

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It doesn't work for me in iPad. It is an iPad mini
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The + button on the iPhone version only seems to work for Skype user names now.  Did they take out the option to conference in landlines for those of us with paid subscriptions?

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