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How do i delete on conversation history on my ipad

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Novel Tourist
all of my conversation stay under my chat box, how do i delete them from my ipad
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Community Manager Emeritus

Let me summarize the discussion in this topic so we can close this topic:

To delete the local (!) chat history in a conversation do the following:

  1. Open the "Recent" tab (iPhone & iPod) / sidebar (iPad).
  2. Tap the "Edit" button
  3. You will see a red remove icon next to each conversation. Tap it to remove.


NB: This will only delete the local chat history. If you log in to Skype from a different device the chat content will be synced there. This is how Skype chat sync is designed currently.

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Novel Adventurer

Some expert said "we have to wait for few more months as they will add this function later"

Novel Tourist
Same problem!. Can't delete recent conversations, can't delete history. History has an edit/delete option but next time you sign on again everything is there. They bring on new things and complicate others. Lets hope they an sort it out soon. Cheers!
Casual Tourist
It's very tedious isn't it. It is a free app though. So when you really need to delete the evidence, just delete the app then reload it. That gets rid of the history.
Novel Tourist
I wish I knew how. I took Skype off iPad and reloaded it but the next time I used Skype on my computer the chat was on my iPad. It's a real invasion and a pain
Novel Tourist
I just figured this out for myself after searching for the answer. U have to turn ur ipad landscape and by ur profile pic it says "edit". Click that and the delete icon will show up next to the all the different chats in the left column. Just hit that delete icon and its gone
Novel Adventurer
I want to delete old all conversation from iPad history
Novel Tourist
After u follow Megans instructions u can slide ur finger on to the conversation and the delete option shows up
Casual Tourist
Same I need it deleted. Since No solutions are made, i deleted Skype from my Ipad!
Novel Tourist
You didn't have to. Go to the top of the page and go to tools. Once you get there, click on the privacy button. Then go to the right and click on the more options button. Clear history should be right next to it. So if you don't want any history there to to be saved at all yu can adjust the settings. You can figure it out yourself once you get there
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