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How do I delete call history on the iPhone?

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I've been using Skype for Windows for years and onlyl recently started using Skype on my iPhone. I am having trouble deleting my call history. Under messages, I swipe the call and tap delete, but when I come back into the app, it's there again! It won't delete! My list keeps growing! Please tell me how to get rid of my history!


Thank you,


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Welcome to the club! Short answer: You can't! It doesn't work! It's a bug!


I really can't understand why on earth has Skype not addressed this serious bug... Is it so difficult to understand that users need to be able to remove their chat/call history? It's both a privacy issue and an aesthetic issue too.


Frankly, this makes me think that they have done this deliberately for some reason. It just doesn't make sense to leave this bug uncorrected after so many users' comments and requests.


I have already uninstalled the app from my iPhone 4. Will be waiting for the next update. In the meantime, I have advised all my friends and colleagues to say away from Skype. I will keep boycotting it until they release a properly written app just like the good old Skype 3.0.1 (that was before Micro$oft acquired Skype, right? Hmmm...).

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I found that my history will delete if I delete the app and then reinstall. Pain in the ass tho... however it's one easy way of bulk deleting.

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Me too wondering the same. I cannot write anything against them because of T&C. Come on Microsoft do something otherwise this will be a waste buy. iPhone users are more and will get this app for sure. It will be a strict privacy issue if we continue this way. Add a new feature or give some kind of an option on the web account. A real funny scenario...


Good luck!

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Even with a deletion and reinstall of the Skype app, it has retained my history from months ago. This is a serious flaw that is starting to bog down my app with old messages that keep being reported as "new," despite me reading the exact same messages on iOS previously. The sheer volume of text and history on a single scrollable wall of text has increased the number of crashes and made it extremely slow to type even the simplest of messages.

I have no way of deleting history, whatsoever, even with a reinstall of the app.
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I'm having the same problem, however I did manage to delete one chat somehow, and cant figure out how to do it again.

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