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How do I block someone on my iPad?

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So I have been getting weird calls from some recording. It's name is Notification Online alert and it told me to go to a website and that my computer network is bad. I accidentally picked up the call once and hung up after. I am really worried about my iPad and if it will give it a virus. Should I block the person or should I just remove skype altogether from my iPad? Also, how do you block a person on the iPad? There doesn't seem to be an option for it. I don't even know how to remove contacts. Please help!!

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I also have th exact same problem with my iPad 2!!! please help!!!
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Currently it is not possible to block contacts directly on Skype. Please log in to Skype on a Mac or PC or Linux computer and block the user there. 


Our development team however is aware of this and we try to add the blocking feature as soon as possible. 


Sorry for the inconvenience. 

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Does that mean I will need to "install" skype on a machine other than my iPad2?  Or just log into my account on  Help!!!

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You can remove your contact by touch and hold on the photo on the contact for a while, a small x appear on the left upper corner of the photo, touch the x and touch delete.
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Can you please tell me if this problem has now been resolved? On all other Skype platforms I use you can block unwanted callers or only allow your own contacts to call you. If you have not resolved the issue how else can I achieve blocking spammers on the iPad version?
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The more I think about this the more annoying it becomes! I have used skype on my mac and iPhone for years and only had less than 10 spam/unwanted contact requests in that entire time. I get an iPad and within less than 24 hours have had two spam calls and a host of unwanted contact requests. Skype, why can't you get it together on the iPad?..
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You cannot prevent or block the contact request in Skype for iPad, though it is quite annoying to get some request from unknown person. You can refuse the request and delete his icon.
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Can't Skype correct this fault?..
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Up to now, NO. As your Skype account name is exposed in this forum, anyone can make contact request to you through the ' Search Skype directory'.
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