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How delete skype chat on new iPhone version

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Novel Adventurer

Hello everyone,

does anyone knows how to delete chat history on iPhone? on the previous version you could that, and now you only have "quit" and nothing related to delete chat history.

thanks for your help.

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Casual Adventurer

You can finger swipe to delete a chat, but the next time you chat with that same contact the entire chat history is still there. There is NO WAY to clear history or delete a chat session on Skype v3.5.117.


I reverted to an older version.  I delete 3.5.117 from my computer and from my iPhone.  Then I restored the .ipa file (prior to 9/28/2011 release date) from my time capsule.  If you don't have a back-up system, check your recycle bin.


Double click or install back onto iTunes.  It worked for me. I have v3.0.1 and I will NOT be upgrading every again.

Casual Tourist

Thank you so much for your detailed explanation, I think it is really lame that this updated version does not allow people to permanently delete chat history.  Hopefully there are some solutions soon! 

Novel Adventurer
i thought upgrading/newer versions are supposed to be better??? this is very annoying and very frustrating...
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