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How 2 add contacts

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Just installed Skype 2 iPad. Loged in, got welcome message but can't find any "contact" tab. How to enter contacts?
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Me too..there's no menu or contact to click on to....
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I have an iPad and don't use it much for Skyping, but out of curiosity I too have tried to find how to add a a contact.  I've been unsuccessful.  


What I do is manage my Contacts list and other settings via Skype running in Windows.   The Mac version would work for that too.


If you don't have a PC or Mac available to make it easy to add contacts, I hope someone else will come along here with a solution for the iPad.  I'm suspecting at this time the iPad app doesn't yet have the add-a-contact feature. 


edit:  Once contacts are added, the Contacts lists on the iPad shows up in a column to the left of the main window.  When the Skype app is first started, the main window shows "Lists,"  All Contacts, iPad Contacts; Online Contacts; Saved Phone Numbers; Skype Contacts. 


I usually tap Online Contacts but I still see no way to add a Skype contact in the app.

Please note: I do not respond to requests for help via Private Message.
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on the top line where it says <lists ALL CONTACTS then a pic of telephone and next to this is a + sign, click this and a box opens to add contact...
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Many thanks, will give it a try and see if it will work for me...

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