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High Pitched Squealing in Calls

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Novel Adventurer
I'm on iPhone Firmware 5.0.1 Skype version 3.7 and I've been having this incessant high pitch squealing sound in the background of all of my calls that has been going on for months. I've tried everything to fix this: turning down the volume, buying new earphones, reinstalling skype, restoring my phone and I'm still hearing it. It hurts my ears and has made most of my skype calls unbearable. I've asked my friends and they say they don't hear anything but they've heard the high pitch squealing in their calls before too so I know I'm not the only one who can be getting this....

If you've been having this problem too or know a solution please post below so we can get the word out, I would greatly appreciate it! Hopefully we can get this fixed soon!

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Novel Tourist

I'm having the same issue only when i place the call on so frustrated i wanna break the phone.  Only does this on the Skype app, so honestly think it is a problem with either the app or the phone and probably nothing can be done.

Novel Adventurer
Hey thanks for the reply. I don't use speaker very much but yeah I know how ya feel! Thought about throwing my fone thru the wall a few times myself! Idk why it does this..I'm hoping somebody on here might know a solution. I'm sure they can fix it..cuz it didnt always used to make that god awful sound. I use skype everyday and this is driving me crazy!!
Novel Tourist

I just spent about 3 hours trying to resolve the High Pitched Squealing during calls.  I think I reveiwed every switch in Skype.


This squeal pretty much stops our use of Skype locally.


My wife has not had this sound when talking to family a long way off -- Afganistan, Florida, etc.


Toshiba laptop, Windows 7,  computer.  No problems other wise.  Sound works with You Tube, etc.


Richard S

Novel Tourist

I know exactly what you're talking about. I use skype with my girlfriend everyday and sometimes i get that awful, god-forbidden chirping noise. I'm actually hearing it right now! I don't know what causes it! But i would love to find out and if anybody has any idea, please help! 

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