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Group Calling from my IPad

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How do I make a group call from my iPad. The Skype user interface on my IPad does not appear to have a group call tab as shown on the Skype web site. According to Skype their iPad app supports group calls but so far I can't figure out to do this
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indeed, I also have this problem, it looks like that the skype app does not support video calling, trange as it looks that the ipad or tablet pc's will become a standard in the future !
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I have the same issue. Cannot find a place where I can add a second or further contact or number to extend an active call to a group call - a simple and stable feature in the PC version of Skype.

If support/anyone can give us an indication of where we can find the feature or alternatively when it will become available that would be great.

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I have the same problem but when talking to someone in Skype that is on the Pc they can add groups that I can talk in.
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You can't get group calling from ipad so far. But you can get it on iPhone
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I have the latest version of Skype on my IPhone 3gs, and the layout is the same as on my iPad 4. So no group call for me on iPhone either.

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In fact the Linux version on my Ubuntu PC can make group calls, but not iPad? This is not OK Skype/MS! - dont battle with Apple on this issue. You should deliver as good a product as possible even though it is on the IOS platform. That would be the best long term strategy for you, - in my humble opinion.

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Well buddy. If you havr a computer you can set up the call before it is added to your iPad there's less control but group calling does work. I have had a problem
Setting Up on any I device.goodlyck finding something though!
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Sorry dinny eat me. Why don't u just get an iPhone 4S or 5
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How do I add people to a group call on Ipad 3
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