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Going to Europe with an IPHONE 3G with no SIM Card.

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i am going on a trip around Europe for 27 days and would like to activate a skype account for one month. how much does it cost for the one month? and do i actually get unlimited calls worldwide? it seems to good to be true. whats the catch? do i get money taken off my credit ever phone call?

please let me know asapp



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See details for an unlimited world subscription here:


Note the difference between coverage to landlines vs. mobiles.  Also, if you buy a subscription there is some fine print about "reasonable use."  You can read it if you're going to be making a LOT of calls.


You'd pay the cost of the one month subscription in advance.  Be careful to cancel before the next month if you don't want to auto-renew.


An alternative is to buy a few dollars worth of credits.  Those would be taken off your account on a per use basis.


How are you going to use your iPhone with no SIM card?  Will it even start up and be able to connect to wifi with no SIM?


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I have an Iphone 4s and is prepay would I require a sim card to use it via skype

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