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False offers!

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Novel Tourist
Hi, you send me an e-mail telling me that i have a free trial unlimited world to call to anybody (mobiles(cell phones) or house phones) of every part of the world when i want the times that i want! But when i try to call someone say that i dont have credit.. So i dont understand! This is a fake or a joke?! Iwant to talk inmediately, this is not fair and and if is something wrong, put it well!
Thank you Skype for your soon help!
I waiting your answer
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Casual Tourist
Hi. I have this concern too. I tried to call a few numbers. I managed to get thought to my brother in Perth but couldnt reach my sister in Canberra. it said that I didn't have any credits. It doesn't make any sense as if I didn't have any credits I wouldn't be able to have called Perth & not Canerra.
If you do get a reply from Skype, which seems virtually impossible, pls let us know.
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