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Do I need to purchase skype credit if I make a skype call using wifi (not 3G)

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I am travelling to Paris, France in a few weeks and had a question on making video calls using the skype app on my iphone 3GS to another iphone 3GS phone in the US.  I have the free skype app/account.


If I dial from the Skype App on my iPhone 3GS (they will be added as a skype contact on my iphone) using the hotels free wifi connection (not 3G) will the call be free or will I incur a charge, and will I be required to purchase skype credit?


I plan to set the international roaming off and also place in airplane mode.  I believe with this, I can only make a call using wifi, as this will not allow me to or connect to 3G.  Is this true?   Thanks so much in advance for your advice/reply.

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You will not need to purchase Skype Credit.


First of all. Skype credit is only needed when you want to make calls (or send messages) outside of Skype, to regular phone numbers or mobile phones. If your call/message is to another Skype user, this is free.


As you note in your message, you can incur hefty charges from your cellphone operator for data while roaming so turning of data roaming in your iPhone is a good idea. You will still be able to use WiFi for Skype and all other iPhone applications using an internet connection.


It is not necessary to use the AirplaneMode in the iPhone to protect against data roaming charges. You may still want to be able to receive text messages and voice calls when you are abroad, meaning that you will still be able to use the iPhone as a regular cellphone. These will of course be charged at roaming rate, but you can still hang up if you think it is too expensive. If you put the phone in AirplaneMode it will basically become an iPod.


When you use Airplane mode, WiFi will also be turned off but can be switched back on separately if necessary. This is because on many flights these days you can use WiFi onboard the plane but not a cellphone.


Good luck.

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Skype to Skype calls are free both on wifi and 3g but dont forget on 3g it uses your phones data but Skype will not charge you for the call. 

If you plan on calling phone numbers from your skype account you will need skype credit or a subscription. Again dont forget 3g uses your phones data so if your roaming your phone network will charge you international roaming, however using wifi your network cannot charge you.

I use my Iphone when in the USA turn on flight mode and then turn on wifi this disconnect your phone from the network so you cannot accidently make calls or eat into your 3g data. Hope that helps



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