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Deleting chat history from new skype version for iPod touch and iphone

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Not sure if this has been posted already but to delete your chat history:

Go to your messages option and where it lists each individual chat you've had with one of your contacts either by yesterday, 1 week etc slide your finger from left to right and a "delete" option in a red box appears next to the chat history you want to delete.
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How can i do it in the ipad version???
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No matter how many times I delete; it still pop / show up on next visit (

Should I deleted the programme and re-install it?
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deleting of course doesnt delete uninstalling doesnt delete skype just dont give a toss about privacy

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No matter how many times you swipe and delete, the messages are still there. Is this a flaw in Skype for iPhone? Please tell us and advise as how to fix this or when a fix will be available. The answer to this problem showed a technical incapability. I hope someone at Skype can answer this.

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It does not work, the message reappears. Any other ideas that do work would be welcome.
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for iphone on skype. click on messages, then press the contact to the right.........delete will appear

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This took me forever to figure out.  Its more then just deleting.  You have to said.  Make sure you are not logged in other places.  For example I frequently stay logged into skype and my phone at same time.    Both have to be shut.   Skype on computer had to be set to delete history forever.   Then shut both at same time.    HOPE no one skypes you before you can reopen and then they are deleted.   I kept getting messages from one person and his took until he went offline for a bit and was able to do this while no messages were incoming.    


Hope this helps clarify.  I played around with this for awhile before I figured it out.


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its simple ....first go to the 'recent' option then on the upper left hand side is 'edit' option select will mark a red dot over the given done the chat u want to delete and its done.

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Moved to the current discussion on Skype 5.0 for iPhone - This topic was related to a meanwhile outdated Skype version

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