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Delete shared file from web

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I've tried to share a photo with one of my skype contacts from Skype 5.0 for iPhone. The contact didn't receive the file and I got a message on the desktop client:


To view this shared photo, go to:


I find the fact that this picture is available on the web really disturbing and would like it deleted. Is there anything you can do to help me? Also why this has happened and is there a place to see and delete all the shared media for my account?



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This also happend to me, looked everywhere can't find a way to remove it.

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I have same situation.

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Need this as well and it's ridiculous that it doesn't exist already if you are introducing this new feature...

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Novel Tourist

I see that you have gotten yours deleted, but how? I don't like how its on the internet. Do you have to sumbit a report for it to be deleted or what?

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Novel Adventurer

i wanna delete this shared photos on this **bleep**ing skype! who the **bleep** is this who made this to upload in the skype site!

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Casual Adventurer

If anyone has found a solution to fixing this please share.

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Novel Adventurer

any soultion yet? I have the same "problem" not happy that my pictures are out there

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I contacted the support team and live chated with someone. they said that the pictures are private as long as no one has the link. But I still agree that this is disgusting that they would even upload them to the internet. I made the complaint and they said they would address their management about the issue. So hopefully we'll get somewhere.

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I still have no solution from skype team.


Just to make it clear: the link in my first post was intentionaly edited not to share the media file with all the community. But it's still there on the web at the right URL.

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