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Deactivate emoticons??

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Novel Adventurer
Just downloaded the update for Skype on iPhone 5 with IOS7 and now some of the smilies I use is now taken by emoticons, and it never was like that...! ':3' will be shows to me like (cat) and '<3' will be shown as a animated heart. My friends see it normal, but not me!
I never use emoticons because I hate them, so please is it posible to deactivate them somehow???
Because it's really annoying for me
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I would also like to deactivate them, the option's there on the desktop version and I can't imagine it would be hard to have an option to just display everything exactly as it's posted and not convert them to pictures.
Casual Adventurer
Hello I have iPhone 3 and I want to install emotions how can I do this?
Casual Adventurer

I have the same problem.

:3 ends up always as (cat).

Funny is, that only I cann see this on my iPhone. On my PC there still is :3.


I'm curious if this is a bug or  it is supposed to look like this. I hope with the next patch they will get it right.


As far as I know, this came with the last update of Skype and it is not relevant if you have iOS 6 or 7.

Novel Adventurer
Hate emoticons! Gasp! Kidding... : ) well, i think u can't.. So search the web for answers! Ok?
Casual Adventurer

I already did search the web. This is something new, so I couldn't find anything useful.


The funny part is, that the change from :3 --> (cat) is jsut text based. (cat) is not an animated emoticon. So I guess it would be useless deactivating emoticons.

Novel Tourist

I also get (cat) and I told my friends to stop sending the cat emoticon cos my iPhone doesn't show it, and it's just text "(cat)". They tell me they're only sending :3 which I can see on my computer, but not when I'm on my iPhone. Also this is the only thing that came up when I searched...

Novel Adventurer

Yeah I know.. that's why I made this post.. because it really annoyes the crap out of me!!! So I hope that they will make an update soon which will fix this problem.. because.. it's.. 'I-wanna-rip-my-hair-out'-annoying!

Casual Tourist
Anyone find a fix for this? I am not a fan of :3 being converted to (cat). If I wanted (cat) I would have typed it.
Casual Tourist

I don't mind emoticons except for (a), (b), (c) which I use all the time to mean: these are our options. I can use (1) etc., except that might imply a priority sequence.  Can I suggest that (a) .. (f) are interpreted as is, and emoticons only use (g) upwards?

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