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Data usage

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Are there any rough estimates about how much data Skype consumes on an iPhone 4? I can't find anything on Apple or AT&T referring to Skype.

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I would like to know the same thing.
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I have read in some blog from <howardforums> that Skype uses between 8-20kbps or 5-10MB per hour.

I am not able to put the link here as it is not permitted in the community.

Can some one confirm if this is correct?





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I think iPhone 4 has an option Settings-> General -> Usage.
Here we can see the data used (upload/sent and download/received). I will try that out and let you people know the actual usage.
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I just signed up for skype and this ? of data usage is one of mine. Under settings that you reference is a option to "reset statistics". Then you could place a call and see usage after the call. I'll be interested in results.
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Well I tried it yesterday and today...

It seems for a 4-5 minutes of call 1 mb was uploaded and 1 mb was downloaded. That makes 2 mb for a 5 min call. 


Not sure if it is worth!



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My Dad is 82 years old & blind, he would like to use skype to keep in touch with family in various locations round the world. He only wants a minimum internet connection as he will only be able to use skype when we set it up for him. If he were to use skype for 30 minutes 4 times a week how much data would he need? Would 2 GB be enough of would he need more. He will not be downloading anything else. Any help would be appreciated.


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I have been checking my data use (in MB/hour)for three long calls - two without webcam and one with. The "without" figures were accurately measured (using Windows Task Manager) and the results are:

call 1 - 30 MB/hour (0.5MB/min)

call 2 - 24 MB/hour (0.4MB/min)

The webcam call was not as accurately measured, but the ballpark figure is much higher at roughly 200 MB/hour (3 MB/min). Be warned! Webcam calls can burn your pocket if you have limits on your monthly usage and have to pay dearly for excess usage (very much the case with mobile broadband).


In your Dad's case, though, there appears to be no problem. four 30 minute calls a week would use only about 250 MB/month (voice-only of course) which is a very small load. So, go ahead and set up Skype for your Dad. BTW, the sound quality is good. A headset would be advisable though.


The above figures are on a par with what I have seen elsewhere on the internet.

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i have a limit of 3G/mo. so i needed to know data usage for video and voice calls. i couldn't find an answer anywhere until this. thanks!
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Per hour Skype video call use around 30 mb
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