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I load my psw and the reply is DB_IO_ERROR Why?
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Getting the same problem. Please fix!!
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I deleted and redownloaded my skype and the problem is gone, just if you need a quick fix
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I get this error message since Skype issued the last update, its frustrating as its recurring, you can reload Skype and its back the next day. How can Skype issue a poor product  like that? And no support anywhere. I subscribe and cant get any help anywhere. VERY POOR!

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Former Ambassador

Skype is aware of and acknolwedged this problem and is working on a fix:

Please note: I do not respond to requests for help via Private Message.
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I just restart my iPhone and it opens fine for me. A little annoying, yes, but not the end of the world.
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Me too as well
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Me too! I deleted and downloaded it again yesterday and the problem is back today. What can I do?
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Same problem...

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I see a lot of complaints for IPad3 on this DB I_O topic. I've been getting on my IPad2 since downloading an update earlier this week.

Deleting and reloading does it for a day or 2, but it is eating into my local 3G account!!!

Come-on Skype - this is not like you*************

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