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Cannot make phone call due to lack of plus sign in front of country code

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With the latest update of the iPhone Skype app, I have two problems.


1. If I backspace all the way to clear out a phone number to the plus sign of the country code, I can no longer enter a plus sign to establish a country code.


ie.  When Skype is started the phone number begins with :  +1 (for USA, Canada)

After backspacing to clear out number, I can enter a "1", but cannot generate the plus sign.


If I put in the phone number with country code Ie. (  1 999 999 999), Skype complains that is not a valide number since the plus sign is not in front of the 1.


I have to quit the Skype application and restart it again before it will generate a country code with a plus sign (+1 for USA, Canada).


If I want to call another country, I can no longer enter an alternate country code since I cannot generate the plus sign.


Problem #2:  After completing a phone call, the application retains the last number dialed and you have to backspace to clear it out before you can type in a new number to dial.  If one backs up to delete the country code, you have the problem listed above.




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It's simple. Like on every other phone please press and hold zero (0) to generate a plus sign or use 00countrycode.

For example 0043 for Austria, 001 for the USA and so on.



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Nope, doesn't work on my iphone since the last update yesterday.

Cannot generate a plus sign... even from the zero key.

Cannot complete a call without the plus sign in front of the country code.


I would think that this means the new release has some bugs in it.

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Well, pressing and holding zero (0) for a few seconds generates a + (plus) on my iPhone (5) using the newest release (the hotfixed version from today). Are you sure you have downloaded the newest version of Skype?

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I have the latest version of skype but it doesnt work when i press qnd hold 0
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