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Cannot download Skype for iPad with iOS 7.0.2

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Novel Adventurer
After clicking on the download button on, nothing happens ... anybody know what prevents it ...
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Novel Tourist
Same here. Seems like the Skype iOS app har been pulled from the app store...
Novel Adventurer
I was using skype on my ipad. Suddently it kept shutting down when i was using cam. I removed the app to innstall it again. By then it seems like the skype app is removed from the appstore.. What could be the problem?
Novel Tourist
I am also experiencing the same problem. After upgrading to 4.13 messages sent to me never showed up in the app, only in the notification centre. I did an un-install and when I tried to get it from the app store it was gone.. Haven't found any info regarding this. Anyone who know why it is removed?
Novel Tourist
I have the same problem and I really want to Get the Skype app, so if anybody can shed some more light on this situation I would be vert grateful!?
Casual Adventurer
Same problem here. Been having issues with skype on my iPad2 since iOS 7.0.2 (the app wasn't working, constant crashes when trying to open), so I tried to uninstall and reinstall it - problem is the app was gone. I was able to download it from the cloud, going through "already bought apps", but it still didn't work.

I also tried downloading it on my new iPad4, same problem here. It's not on appstore, and trying to download through cloud just causes it to crash consequently. Really annoying.
Novel Tourist
I've been having the same problem since I bought my new iPad 4 last week. Can't find the iPad version of skype on App Store, only the iPhone version
Novel Adventurer

Skype is (or at least was) back on the App store

Novel Adventurer

skype recently added an update to the app for Ipad, works just fine now, no problem.

Novel Tourist
please help me skype doesnt show on itunes. i tried searching but nothing happened. i can only see skype wifi on itunes. where else can i download the regular skype?
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