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Cannot Block/Unblock Skype Contacts - iPad 2

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hi every time i phone the number i want it says its blocked its my first night on this am i doing something wrong

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doug1:  I had the same problem, the best solution, un-install the iPad 2 app, replace by installing the old iPhone version 3.0.1

As pointed out earlier by 'Mart' 24-10-2011
"Unfortunately it is not possible to use the block/unblock feature in Skype for iPad app. As a workaround I suggest you log in to Skype on a computer and manage your contacts there.
The version 3.0.1 that has been offered as a solution is in the fact the old version for Skype for iPhone"

By blocking and unblocking using a PC the changes will show up on the iPhone version on your iPad 2 but not if you are using the iPad Skype app version.

Looks like in reality there is not a true Skype iPad 2 version which works.  So until there is use the iPhone 3.0.1 version.

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Not helpful we need you to say "go ahead and use the iphone skype on your ipad" until we have this resolved.

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How do I block or delete people on my Skype from my ipad2??
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Read ealier messages

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What a mistake. I have never had any problem with Skype. Using it with iPad is a mistake.

It is a shame to Skype people who developed the last version to test the product before releasing it.

I will have to look for other solution unfortunately. I am disappointed and I am per fee customer.


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Can somebody help me..... I have blocked a contact and now I would like to unblock that contact, but I don't know how

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I have just downloaded skype on my ipad and I accidentally added someone and I don't know how to delete the contact. Please help

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Just download 2 app from skype on your ipad. 1. App skype for iphone. 2. App skype for ipad. After you get 2 App, you can come to setting to block or delete people who you want to do an App skype from iphone. When you want to contact again you can come back to unblock that people.

Good luck every body.:bigsmile:

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Thanks for that ! It works ! I have downloaded the two apps., removed then a contact from the iphone Skype, and a few minutes later that contact did also automatically disappear from the Ipad Skype (version 3.6.218 ). I will know delete the Iphone Skype, because the two apps have the same icon, which is confusing. 

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