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Can't hear caller on iPad

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Casual Tourist
i have Skype downloaded to my iPad. Worked fine but today I cannot hear callers or test call tho they can hear me. My microphone is not muted. There is no toolbar at all so I cannot go tools-options-audio settings as suggested in help. What do I do?
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Novel Tourist
I have the same problem! Where is the toolbar?!
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Casual Tourist
I also have the same problem with my iPad2. I used to be able to hear callers but no longer can. Can anyone advise please? Thanks
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Casual Tourist
Same with me. Skype's help is non-existent.
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Novel Tourist
Same here. I can't hear the person I Skype with but they can hear me ok
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Novel Tourist
Ditto.....what,s going on with iPad?
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Novel Adventurer
My problem seems to be a bit different ~ I can hear and be heard while on a call through Skype, but I am not able to hear messages that have been left! There appears to be no "experts" available so I guess thousands of us dump Skype to pursue other options?
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Novel Tourist
Like other posts. I CAN'T hear the person I am calling. They can hear me but I can't hear them. Have tried lots of things and can't seem to fix it. Would love some help, this is very frustrating. I'm using a mini iPad 2 . Thanks in anticipation of some help.
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