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Calling via Skype when in Mexico

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I will be travelling to Mexico for almost a month. I currently have a monthlty subscription to Skype that allows me to call any number in uS and Canada, assuming I can get on Wi Fi or connect via Verizon on my iPad 2. What do I need to do to use Skype on my iPad 2 from Mexico to US?
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If you can get a decent Internet connection, calling from Mexico will be exactly the same as when calling from anywhere else, including when in the U.S.


When calling via Skype it matters only where you're calling to, not where you're calling from (with some very few exceptions).

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So I am not charged an additional fee if I am calling from Mexico to US.  There is an additional charge if I try to call from US to Mexico.  Sorry if I am being dense.  I appreciate your help.

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As I only matters where you're calling to.   If your subscription is for calls to the U.S., then yes, you'll have to pay more to call Mexico.  That would be true if you were calling Mexico from within Mexico or from home.   But if you're calling the U.S. with a U.S. subscription, it doesn't matter if you're in Kansas or Australia, or Mexico. 


I can't make it any clearer that that.

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