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Calling Mexico

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Casual Tourist

I am trying to call Hermosillo Mexico from my iPhone. I've dialed this number before but lately can't get thru. I am dialing 011 52 1 622 xxxxxxx. At first it says "connecting" but then the call just ends before it ever goes thru. I have read many posts on here about leaving out the 011, leaving out the 1, etc. I have tried many combinations of things, and none of it seems to work. Can anyone help?

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Super Adventurer

You may want to verify the area code for that Hermosillo number.  Normally 662, not 622, is the area code for Hermosillo.  The 622 area code is for Guaymas.


If you are trying to reach a landline number in Hermosillo, you should be able to dial:


+52 662 xxxxxxx


or for a mobile phone with the Hermosillo area code:


+52 1 662 xxxxxxx


Good luck!




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