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Caller ID

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Novel Tourist

I have set up my own phone's number as caller ID.

And I have received message from skype that " Skype Caller ID will be active in 2 hours. If you did not activate it yourself, go to and enter this code to deactivate it :YXNGLB"

But when I call to my friends , they still could not see my phone's number, it always says " unknown Number".

How could I deal with this problem? Thx~

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Novel Adventurer

Yes i got the message and want to deactivate it


EDIT : title/message case changed.

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I would like my account cancelled now.

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my phone number which I used for my caller id is not showing
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Novel Adventurer
I would like. My Skype caller ID be Activate. Thank you. This is the code SIQXSS
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Former Staff



Please contact the customer service:


Anyway, I can see that your caller ID is active, phone number: xxxxxxx45

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dear sir,

        i have received message like your caller id will be active in 2hours on 03/07/2013. My caller id confirmation code is VFTANZ .SO kindly activate My caller ID as early as possible. 

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