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Call does not hang up!

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Hi, having trouble placing calls using my iPad app. After my first call Skype won't hang up that call and I can't place anymore - please help. Thank you!
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I'm having the same problem on my windows vista computer. The hang up button does not work. What to do? If you are having the same problem give this thread the thumbs up.

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I'm having the same problem on my MAC with the first phone call. I get the spinning rainbow for 1 minute and 30 seconds and often, a message left for someone doesn't go through.

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Same problem here on W7 pro with latest version of skype v.   Finding lots of complaints but no solutions!  All I can do to end the call  is kill skype  through task manager. 


Does Skype support monitor this forum?

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Same problem using my iPhone. Wife also has the same problem. It is impossible to hang up on a call. Shutting off the phone doesn't help. The call is still going when you turn the phone back on. Super annoying especially since most of our calls via iPhone are international burning Skype credit.


Very lame support on this issue from Skype seeing how old these comments are. 

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Please help.a video call does not hang up the red phone button doesn't seem to work so I can't make other calls
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I have the same problem
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same here
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Same problem here. Occurred after freshly opening Skype after freshly restarting computer. Calling from Win7 to android tablet. Tablet never rang - but I couldn't end the call. Had to restart (again).


OS: Win7 Ultimate SP1 x64


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same problem and its driving me crazy. where do you find an answer?

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