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Call between iPhone and iPad hangs up

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Novel Tourist
Have set up Skype with different accounts on iPad and iPhone. iPhone can call iPad but iPad on wifi only can't call iPhone - get a notification of call but it hangs up after one ring. Have checked settings to make sure sound notification is on and call comes through but not sure why it hangs up. Any ideas? Cheers
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Novel Tourist

I encountered the same problem on an iPad3.   Video calls from an iPhone 4S to the iPad work, but when you initiate a call from the iPad (wifi) to the iPhone the call shows up on the iPhone but immediately disconnects.


Any progress on how to solve this?  Is it a configuration problem?  Is there a way to submit a problem report to Skype?



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Novel Tourist
I too have been having that!!!! Can't call iPhone2s from ipad3 but other way around is fine (iPhone to iPad)
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