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Bug: Skype does not show online contacts.

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I've noticed on my iPad (3rd generation) that Skype will say that it is online, however won't show (some) of my contacts as online. It only fixes when I force close the app and launch it again.


Is this a known issue?



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Novel Tourist

I have the exact same problem with iPad 3

Novel Adventurer
I have exact the same problem. Even though i re-installed skype it got even worst. Right now it is not even showing any contacts of my account... iPad3
Novel Adventurer
I resolved this problem, like this. Delete skype from your ipad. Than install skype again. Run the app again, in my case it didnt show any contacts at all even it didnt show all contacts list. Turn off iPad and turn it on again and it worked for me. Hopefully it will help for couple users. Good luck
Casual Tourist

i have the same problem.  it is a serious bug that Skype needs to address!

Its not an issue with the software on our devices. Its an issue with Skype's servers.

Its like me and my friend are logged on to 2 different skype servers, and they cant see each other.

There are also serious issues with adding contacts.  it can take 10 minutes or never for us to see the add contact request.

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All I get is a blue screen with a cloud (logo) useless.
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hey im not  been able to access my free skype,unable to  see my friends online.

Novel Tourist

Same problem with macbook OS X 10.9.2/iPad 3 and samsung s3 mini. Many friends online lately..but not really available. Got this problem for 2 months now. Hope there will be a action on this problem soon.

Novel Tourist

Same problem here on iPhone. Contacts are showing maybe 1 or 2 online.. but when I login via a desktop at the same time... all online contacts show.


Starting to think there's no point using Skype mobile.


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