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Bluetooth headset does not work with skyp iPad app

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Any idea when this is going to be fixed?  I have reported the problem and was advised to carry out the usual checks, but my logitech bluetooth headphones will only connect to Skype on iPad 2 for the first time and then can't use again until I close Skype down and even then it is hit and miss.  This is so bloody annoying and is the only application that I cannot use the headphones with on the iPad 2 and Macbook Pro.

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As you can see by numerous posts about this problem here & on the Net, it's a pissing match between Apple ipad bitmonkeys and Skype coders. I see this phenomenon with other 3rd party ipad developers/hardware mfgrs, such as music instrument interfaces for ipad. Look at forums for Alesis iodock, Apogee ONE, and other devices to read of similar.

As a new Apple user & battleworn Windows vet, I believe it's just a hop, skip & jump from Redmond to Cupertino. 

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Just bought my bose bluetooth series 2 , same problem , any idea when this bug is going to be fixed , otherwise I am returning my bluetooth even though thats not the problem

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I'm experiencing the same issue.  Motorola H680 bluetooth headset paired with iPad 2 and Skype iPad app.  The headset works fine on the first phone call after launching the app, but all subsequent calls are forced to the internal mic & speaker on the iPad with no recourse.


The workaround discussed below - removing the app from cache and restarting - *does* work for one phone call but you need to repeat the process over and over.  This is an effective workaround though agreed it is very cumbersome.


Skype, has the root cause for this issue been identified?  When is the fix scheduled for Release to production?

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Same problem, Beats Wireless by dr.dree, this is disappoint...

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Just bought a bluetooth stereo headset(Arctic sound P311 if it makes any difference) and I can't use it for Skype calls because the audio doesn't go through the headset.

Like the rest of the people in this forum said, my stereo headset works with everything else except the Skype app(v 3.6.1) on iPad2, iOS 5.0.1(the workarounds posted here were of no use to me)


Skype, get your act togheter, admit there's a bug with bluetooth headsets and fix it in your next version for iOS because this is really ridiculous !


Tnx for your time !

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Seems like Microsoft's philosophy is extending along Skype's team already... Like a virus!

Same problem here with a Jawbone Era + iPad. Waiting for a solution.
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I would like to use a bluetooth headset with mic to make calls. I presently use my iPad 2 (Verizon WiFi+ 3G) as a cell phone and while people will ridicule the size as too big for a cell I say that a cell phone is too small for web browsing and almost any other app. I have cancelled my cell phone account with verizon and save money going with the iPad solution. I would also use the iPad to Skype and would like a BT that would works for that also. How come no one from Skype weighs in on this?

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Also Plantronics Voyager Pro does not work. The connection breaks at moment you start the call. Please fix urgently!
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