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Bluetooth connection problem

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Just a quick update regarding whether the problem is with Skype or Apple. I use Ooma for home phone service and just downloaded their mobile app. (As a Premiere customer I get 250 free minutes a month on their mobile app.) The BT interface works perfectly on iOS 5, so I still hold that the problem is with Skype and not Apple.
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I am using the iPad with iOS 5.0.1 also. I have no Bluetooth as well. Skype please respond to this Bluetooth issue and whether an update is coming. We are premium paid customers. In order for Skype to succeed as a business model, your software teams need to focus on apple products since they have cornered the smartphone and tablet market.
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You're right. It works. Pain yes, but at least it works.
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Unbelieveable. Skype for iOS5 released version 3.6.97 this morning, supposedly to fix bugs, and the app STILL has the same problem of being unable to connect to a Bluetooth headset after the first call.


It just CAN'T BE THAT DIFFICULT to get this right! The only way to make this work—as discussed earlier in this thread—is to force quit the application and then relaunch it. After the first use of your headset, it will be unable to reconnect, even though it shows the headset as a choice.


I have lost all respect for the programmers at Skype It's one thing to introduce a bug for a feature that was working fine, it's another to be unable to fix it.


Is anyone else as frustrated as I am over this issue?

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"Is anyone else as frustrated as I am over this issue?"

Yes I sure am!! It's truly unbelievable that skype releases its iPhone software without proper testing. I am a paid premium customer as well, and my patience is very running out with this. I am looking for more reliable alternatives than this buggy app.
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The latest update, 3.6, is even worse. Crashes all the time.

Switching to Google Voice ... giving up on Skype!

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I just downloaded Skype on my my new Droid Bionic.  When I try to use my BT for a Skype call, I can hear the other person but they cant hear me and, no I didn't mute the BT.  Any ideas?

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While I'm on an iPhone, your problem on an Android device reinforces the issue with Skype engineering. They just don't seem to do a very good job of programming this feature, or at the very least, having an effective quality assurance (QA) process that checks code before it goes into release. Along with others in this string, I am a premium user who has *paid* for a subscription to Skype and can't use it to its full benefit without fully functional Bluetooth on my iPhone.


My advice? Hope that someone from Skype actually monitors these posts (doubtful) and that the next release fixes this problem once and for all. Historically, it took a long time for Bluetooth functionality to even be part of the mobile apps, and then Skype broke it in the very next update. It doesn't bode well for the future of the app, but maybe now that Microsoft owns them some new programming discipline will take hold and this issue will be put to rest once and for all.


Good luck!

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Just an update that the new version of Skype released on January 3rd (3.6.218) still didn't fix the Bluetooth problem that is under discussion with this string.


Pretty unbelieveable, huh?

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I also find this utter disregard for its premium customers by Skype totally unbelievable.  There's not even as much as an acknowledgement by Skype that the problem exists, and certainly no promise to fix anything...

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