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Bluetooth Headset

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Any word as to when Skype will get around to adding bluetooth headset functionality it seems to have been years since this was first discussed.

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The same question...
Novel Adventurer

Same question here too. Why on earth is this taking so long? 


I would like to recommend Skype as a company standard, but not having bluetooth support is a major hurdle right now. This has been requested for such a long time. Is there any word from Skype on this???

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Adding yet another plea for this basic function that is included in almost every other communications app for any mobile device. With mandatory hands-free for all use in cars in almost every country now; the reduction of *potentially* (not taking sides here, just pointing out...) harmful radiation from holding cellphone to head (BT issues <1% of RF power as cell transmission); and the convenience.. it's way past time. I just got an iPhone (waited years for company to allow on our network, we were Blackberry - for which Skype has never offered an app - and now find it such a hassle to use w/no BT that I find I don't use it...)



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Count me in. I find it ridiculous that you have to jailbreak your iPhone in order to get this functionality. It has nothing to do with Apple prohibiting it, which Skype likes to use as an excuse. Other phone clients for the iPhone have this functionality.


I'm beginning to think that Skype programmers see the user community as the enemy and have decided that they'll just do as they please. I realize how cynical that sounds, but what other excuse can there be for the lack of functionality for something as basic as Bluetooth in the iPhone client?

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Me 2.

Video calls on my iPhone 4 are pretty awkward, especially, in the office when the audio comes out the speakerphone. I'm not sure about anyone else, but I would be happy with at least the audio output going to the headset, if Apple makes it hard to use the mic on the bluetooth headset (I've heard that's the case).
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Ditto to all the other posters....


When will this basic function become available in Skype?


- Eric

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Yes!!! Yesterday Skype has been automatically updated to 5.8.8 and now its headset profile works properly. My Bluetooth headset Nokia BH-505 sounds almost perfect with Skype.

Thanks, Skype-team!

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What platform are you on? As of this morning, the current update on the iPhone and iPad still have no BT support. The only way to get BT on any of these platforms is to jailbreak the device and then add it. Even then the quality is very poor.

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