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Bluetooth Headset

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I'm sorry, I did not specify details. I use Skype on my PC with Win XP.

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Gottcha. I'm on a Mac and you can redirect input and output to a BT headset through the system preferences, although quality varies greatly depending on the headset you're using. It still drives me nuts that Skype won't support BT on an iPhone or iPad. There is no technical reason for it other than a disregard for their customers. To give some context, I'm a paying customer who purchases telephone time on Skype, not just a free user, and I think having BT support is basic considering the phone is used in so many situations where it needs to be hands-free, like your car.


Thanks for the clarification!

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the very same questions!??!

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plug your headset in in works

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I just bought a Voyager Pro + headset that I had troubles to tune in with my MacBook Pro/Snow Leopard. Conclusions:


Skype does not support A2DP so I have to choose mono headset (as opposed to stereo) in all the settings (Skype, Bluetooth and Audio). This is easier said then done since in i.e. audio preferences two headsets are shown, one mono and one stereo, but it does not specify which is which so some trial and error is required.


My headset will not work with Skype on my iPhone. But of course it works perfectly will all other applications so when on iPhone I simply Facetime.


Will Skype ever supply decent services for Mac OS, or are they a uniquely Windows/Android supplier?





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I have the same frustration as you do about Skye's iPhone app. If you jailbreak your phone you can use your Voyager headset with Skype. That's what I've done and while the audio quality isn't as good as it is with other applications that use BT natively, it works.


Until the Skype development team deigns to integrate this basic technology, jailbreaking is the only way to accomplish it. If you've taken a look at the latest build for the Skype desktop client, I don't hold out much hope, as this team clearly lives in Neverland.

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I just found out that FRING has updated software with their latest release including full support for Bluetooth! 


FRING (dot) com -  is as simple to use as Skype and any "normal" call on my iPhone!


AND I don't have to 'jailbreak' my iPhone, and I DON'T have to wait for Skype Engineers to pull their "heads" out of dark places.....

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Adding my own call for support to this thread. I just bought a voyager pro UC for Skype on my Mac. Aside from it not working correctly there, it doesn't even work on my iPhone. 


If there are other services where I can get good BT support, I'll certainly turn to them after my paid subscription is up.



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I found the Fring App to be very easy on my iPhone -


One feature that really makes it easy is that I could purchase "Fring Out" minutes directly through my iTunes account - so, no need for getting out a credit card etc.  Very Simple!

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How did you get BT to work on Fring? I downloaded it and made some calls, but don't see an option for a BT headset.


One difference I can see between Fring and Skype is with caller ID. With Fring it shows "1111." With Skype, you can designate your caller ID. Another is that there's no desktop client for Fring. Calls can only be made via a mobile device.


I'm looking forward to your answer.

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