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App crashing with long URLs in chat

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I have the latest version of both the app and the iOS and if someone sends me a google doc direct link url (a very long url) the app crashes. Then it keeps showin a "1" notification of this unread message but every time you try and open that chat and read that "unread" message with the URL the app crashes again! It's really frustrating that i can't get that "1" out of there (firstly) and that I can't open the urls that my friends send me (secondly).

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I'm having the same problem.  My current setup is as follows:
Skype 3.0.1
IOS 4.3.5 (8L1)



If you Skype message someone a big URL  to their iPhone, it just breaks Skype messaging for that person. Does anyone have a fix? I am unable to post the URL here due to some filtering rules. Please message me if you need any more info.




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I know one can delete the history, but that's not the fix I'm hoping for.
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im having the same problem but with smileys

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