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After update app shuts down

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Novel Tourist

I updated my ipad yesterday and now the app shuts down if I attempt to dial a call from the dial pad.  I can not set my status and when I access a contact the form is not completely displaying.  I can only see a portion and it does not matter if I am in 1x or 2x mode.  How can I revert back to previous version so that I have full functionality?

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Novel Adventurer
I had to delete the existing app and then install the iPad version, it works unless you touch the ad banner at the bottom, then it locks up. Also, no setup options that I can find. ad banner won't go away either.
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Casual Adventurer
You are unable to revert back to previous versions unfortunetly, But i am happy to say that usually after the release an update, bug updates follow it. So basically give it about a couple days and a update for bug fixes should be available : )
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