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4.13 update: Refreshed iOS 7 look + Improved Accessibility

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This update has not fixed the bug: Skype still automatically logs off when working in background. This bug defeats the purpose of "working in the background"
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I'm currently running on the latest iOS 7 update and I've already deleted/reinstalled to the latest version of Skype on my iPhone 4S. I'm still experiencing problems and most of them are reported already by some users. Things I've noticed are:


- Skype has a tendency to sign me out after a while even when my settings have it so that "Go Offline" is set to "Never" and "Sign In Automatically" is enabled.

- Messages to and from friends are frequently being delayed and in some cases not being sent at all even when we're both logged on.

- The latest Skype patch to match with iOS 7's new interface has a new weird glitch/bug regarding text. When typing in lengthy messages words begin to "disappear" from the textbox unless I manuall scroll down. Before the update, the textbox would automatically scroll after each line of text, which is how it should be.

- Voice calls tend to drop frequently even when on a stable Wifi connection.


I believe there are a couple of other issues that I spotted, but these are the main ones that are continuously affecting me.

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Since the time I installed the new skype version, am not able to get on to a video call. When I try to start a video in an existing voice call, it shows up briefly for few seconds and then disappears.
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I can't sign in AT ALL. I just get "Can't Connect to Skype." (For iPhone/iPod.)

This is really annoying because I need Skype for work purposes!!! 

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What about the Group Video Calling feature?

When will this be available for Ipad users?

The audio part is working but No video...

Thank you,

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both you and your friend should check your settings. check settings > privacy > microphone > skype. let me know if that leads you to the fix.
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Using iPad 5 IOS 7.0.4 with Skype version 4.13.427
This version has issue making video calls, it lost audio when u make video calls.
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Same problem here. I can hardly hear the other party although they can hear me fine. I have tried with different users so it's not their setting. The same is even true with the test call. The recording is so soft that I can only hear it If I put the phone right next to my ear. With my headphone though it is all loud and clear.

Please have this fixed as soon as you can as I use it for business and together with the problem with not being able to check any messages left for me (I have paid for a Skype number for this purpose) is really crippling my communication.
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i have the same problem after i upgraded into the newest version, the volume is too low, i coudn't hear the other person talking to me.

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iOS Skype version 4.17.124 on gsm iphone 4s : Low Sound Issues. Like many others, the sound is sometimes very low when making a skype call, as if the "ear speaker" volume is set to a very low number (when it's on full) and the speakerphone volume is set to "ear speaker" volume (in other words, you have to hold the speakerphone speaker directly to your ear to hear). Often hanging up and recalling will return the volume functions to normal. Also, sometimes when switching from Ear to Speaker or vice versa it will cause the call to become garbled until I swap back again or hang up and call again. I have no problems with audio in other applications or during normal calls. 

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