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i try to open skype on my xbox one and it makes the noise that it does when the app is launching, but just before it opens it crashes back to the home screen. ive tried reinstalling the app multiple times and the same thing keeps happening. it worked on launch day but hasnt worked since. please look into fixing this

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Community Manager

Sorry to hear about your crash problem. Can you please try uninstalling the app (navigate to "My Games and apps" - Click the "Menu" button on your controller while Skype is selected and choose "Uninstall").

Then restart the console and reinstall from the Store.

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This does not work.

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Still happening, a newer topic is at the top of the forum with the same problem.

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Same problem here.. Uninstall and reinstall does not fix problem... Not going to be forced to do a factory reset on xbox1 as will lose other game data etc
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same problem here with the new update 15/ Apr/2014 .........


What´s happening? ¡¡¡¡¡¡

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Do you guys have kinect turned on I didend and I was having same problem and that fixed it for me
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Hi everyone,


We've released an update to Skype that must fix the crash issue (when Kinect is unplugged). It would be great if those who experienced the issue upgraded Skype and - time permitting - posted a short note here. We are confident the issue is fixed, but it is always great to hear confirmation from our customers.



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Yay I can turn my kinect back off thxs
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