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possible to link multiple MS accounts to one skype/MS account

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Novel Tourist

when I log on to skype using my MS/xbox email/account I'm unable to access my MS/PC account since my xbox account is connected to a different MS account/email.  I've tried to link the two but no luck and I'm unable to get my MS/PC account (contacts) to update to my MS/xbox account.  Is there a way to link the two without changing my MS email(s)? 

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Former Staff


Linking can be done with only one MS Account and one Skype account. Sadly, there is no way of linking more accounts together at the same time.


Perhaps the easiest solution would be rebuilding the contact list on the other account? You can log into your main one on Windows, for example, and go to Contacts > Advanced > Backup.

Then log into the other account and do Contacts > Advanced >Restore. You will still need to ask other contacts to add you to their contact list, though.

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