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Xbox One App Suggestion - Manual Zoom

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First of all thanks for making an app so quickly for the Xbox One.

A quick suggestion: the auto-zoom is great and all but it has trouble with multiple people and if I'm sitting far away on the couch, etc. It would be great if there was a manual zoom option that allowed for the user to zoom - in and out- using the controller.


Please consider this and thanks again,



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Former Staff

Thanks for the suggestion; much appreciated. We're looking at ways to improve the auto-zoom feature, but have no specifics or timescales to share at the moment.

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Novel Tourist

I second this request. For some reason, in my living room the autozoom function is non-functional. It continuously zooms in and out, even if I am the only person in the room. Last nigth my father had to hang up due to him having a headache due to the continuous zoom in and out. I am sure there's something in my environment that's throwing the autozoom feature off, so I have disabled autozoom for the time being. But given that it is a big room it would be much better to have manual zoom control for situations like these.

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Casual Tourist

Manual zoom would be very usefull in my case.

When sitting in the livingroom at approx. 4 meters from the Kinect, The camera zooms in but not far enough for our contacts to see us clearly.
If their would be an oppertunity to add some extra zoom by using the controller, we could adjust the automatic zoom accordingly.

Thank you for considering this.

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Let me add my voice to the list requesting this function. With the larger screen TVs, you have to have the seating quite a bit away, and I have to sit on my coffee table so that the other guys see me and not my entire living room.


It is simple enough to turn auto zoom off. Why not lock it in at what ever zoom level you are at when Auto is turned off. Not super elegant, but a usable workaround until a better one is developed.

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Novel Tourist

Yes please!


Had about a dozen of my relatives on the other side today, and the auto zoom kept doing weird stuff, and never showing me all of them, until I learned that you can turn the auto zoom off (on their end.)


I looked kinda weird and lost to them, all alone and fairly small on my chair in the middle of my room (Kinect play space.)


Would've been great to use the joysticks to move the camera and zoom in and out!

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Novel Adventurer

I fully support manual zoom idea but as an interim solution to auto-zoom weirdness I would be very happy if I could set no-zoom in options permanently or if Skype was cleaver enough to remember that last 500 times I always turned it off and stick to that.

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Novel Tourist
I think the idea of a manual zoom is awesome. Please try and make that happen.
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Novel Tourist

I would like to add my voice here. Perhaps all we need for the moment is a 'lock zoom' option, but definitly improvement is in order.

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Novel Tourist

I also support the numerous requests for a manual zoom control function. Please make it happen


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