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Why cant you sign into Skype with an account you already have?

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Reliable Adventurer

It literally says sign in if you already have an account. But my Skype account information is different from my Gamertags. It wants you to use the email associated with the later. So why cant you sign in with the former regardless? Shouldnt have to make another Skype account just to use it on the Xbox One.

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Novel Tourist

Agree, I am having the same issue.  I have my Skype account linked to one Microsoft email and my Xbox to another.  They should allow multiple accounts to be linked together.

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Yes im having the same issue and its driving me crazy, i have all my contacts on one email but xbox one wants me to have a new profile with no contacts...doesnt make sense that there no simple sign in or out feature?? Please help skype

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Former Staff



If I understand correctly, the situation is as follows:

You have MSA (MSA = Microsoft account) nr.1 that is linked to a Skype account nr.1

Then, you also have MSA nr.2 (Xbox account) that is not linked to any Skype account (or linked to Skype account nr.2).


You want to link your MSA nr.2 (Xbox account) with Skype account nr.1, correct?


In this case, the only way to go is to unlink your Skype account nr.1 from MSA nr.1 through

Once Skype account nr.1 is "free", you can log in with MSA nr.2 (Xbox account) into Skype on Xbox One and link it to Skype account nr.1.


In case you have already linked some other Skype account to your MSA nr.2 (Xbox account), you will need to unlink it first.


The reason for all of the above is simple - one MSA account can only be linked to one Skype account. Unfortunately, there is no way of linking several Skype accounts to one MSA or several MSAs to one Skype account.

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Reliable Adventurer

I will try that out. Didnt know that, Thank you.

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Novel Adventurer

I've tried unlinking my account thru my xbox one and it tells me to contact customer support?


I already have a skype account and want to use that but xbox one created a new account which I don't need. Furthermore I can not access that account (the new xbox one) from my computer because I do not remember my password for the new account (I believe it got inputted wrong, and I missed it). When I click the forgot my password, I input my email and I get the email from Skype, I click the link (or do it manually) in the email and for the temporary code and I get an error message saying it doesn't recognize that code, so I  can't even access that account. Please help!


Sidenote: Also I think its bullsh*t that you only offer live chat support to "premimum member" and no phone support unlike every other freaking company does!

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Former Staff

Hi amoverton2,


When logging into, please use MSA account, not Skype. If you remember password for your MSA account, that will be enough.

Use this link to unmerge MSA/Skype accounts:


Also, please check my message above, I've described the situation in details.

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Novel Adventurer

yup got this again!


Please contact Skype Customer Support to unlink this account.

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Novel Tourist

so now I'm on my MSA account and still getting the error I just posted above as amoverton2

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Sad this is that the MS account says it preminum but even when you go to the support page you get this message 


"Looks like our website is currently having a few problems. 
Please try again later."


Ive been trying to get this **bleep** sorted for the last two days.


i dont even have the option to unlink the MS account anymore.

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