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Skype Call Notification Glitch

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There is a very annoying glitch that affects my friends and myself on Skype during our Xbox One experience. Whenever anyone calls another person, when you accept the notification, you will be directed to skype and then join the call only if it isn't the "no video" option. But that isn't it. After accepting the notification, or not, it will always prompt you with an infinite amount of call notifications for about five minutes even though there was only one call invitation sent. This makes Skype a lot more difficult to use on the Xbox One and the many notifications always disrupt and take up space when you accept the call.


The only solution to do now is to invite the friend when they are on the Skype application at the precise moment as they not encounter the notification glitch.


I hope you patch this glitch that me and my friends have all been experiencing as this will make calling each other a lot more easier and we can also call each other whenever we want, as the notifications will be fully functional.

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Sorry to hear you're having this problem; it's not something that we've heard before.


Can you do a test call and note the date, time and timezone of the test along with the Skype IDs/Microsoft Accounts of the participants including yourself. If you can DM me this information I can begin investigating the cause of your duplicate notifications.



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This is a common issue

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These 5 minute loop of invitations from the same person has been happening to me every day for a few weeks now too. Also the past two times there is a skype update my favorite people get removed from that list so it took me a while to realize why when I would tell the xbox to call my friends name it would just open skype and ask which person I wanted to call. When I manually add my friends back to the favorites then it works.
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My favourites reset as well!
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Same happening to me, if someone calls me when im watching tv or playing game trying to accept call it never connects with the first time. And then after that those none stop notification about the call you trying to accept but still no favorits always delete itself!! Please fix it as it is very frustrating to use skype on xbox one!!!!! Same happens to my bro and I think to loads of people as well!!
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The issue with multiplying notification is indeed annoying and favorites that get deleted by themselves. I experience all these issues aswell no eta on the fix?
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We've made some improvements on both areas. Do you still see those issues in the latest Skype 1.8 for Xbox One?

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The favorites issue is now fixed however when i ve made a call and am in the person selection screen or the person screen i cannot go back to main menu using gestures or voice commands, only by using the joystick i can
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However the double notifications still exist...
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