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Poor video quality on Skype for Xbox One

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I am having a similar problem, living in NZ recently got my xbox one and a skype premium account, trying to video chat to relatives in the US and the video isn't poor quality but spread in a thin strip across the receiving monitor and "carved up" was the best decription I could get, I have tried calls in NZ and thats fine and great quality only seems to happen calling overseas but I can call overseas fine from other devices (mobile, Tablet, laptop)


Any suggestions?

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Danny: Check with your Skype contacts in the US and confirm they are using the latest available Skype version for their platform. Here's the download link

If the problem persists: Any chance to share their platform (Windows, Windows Phone, Mac, Android, iOS etc.) and Skype version number they are on?

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Thanks for the quick response, it will take a couple of days to check and see if updating has fixed due to the time difference between NZ and the US, but if it has I'll certainly update my post to solved.


We have been in contact with some users and are continuing to investigate the problem.

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Our statistics show that most users have a very good experience of Skype video on Xbox One. We're not complacent though, and the development team would appreciate being able to make test calls with those users who's experience is not good, to try to understand the cause.


If you have a poor experience, and would be willing to spend 10 minutes or so working with us to diagnose the issue, please could you email with the subject "Xbox test call", and someone from the team will get in touch with you.

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Hi, I recently tried to use Skype on my Xbox one and ran into some terrible problems, first, the person I contacted could not hear me, after I got that sorted out; their video was extremely choppy and nothing was clear, they said that my video was also very choppy and not clear, but to me it looked fine in the box that I see my own video. When I use Skype on my laptop and phone it works just fine when I contact this person, the only thing that I have problems with it on is the Xbox one.
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I am having the same problem. the incoming video is clear as day on the xbox one but the outgoing picture is all pixelated

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Connected the xbox one directly to my cablemodem and still had a pixelated outgoing video.

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I am having the exact same problem.  The video call quality between two Xbox Ones is very poor and pixelated.  However, each single Xbox One is able to Skype video call with very good video quality when they call non-Xbox One devices.  I completed a number of test calls from different devices at different places and outline the results below.



I have an Xbox One in my home and I am Skype video calling my parents who also have an Xbox One that I gave them for Christmas.  The video quality is pretty bad, and pixelated to the point where I would not be able to recognize their faces if I didn't know who they were.  Just as a note, the audio quality for all the scenarios below has always been flawless regardless of the video quality experienced.



I have a 100/5Mbps internet connection through Charter, so internet speed shouldn’t be a problem at my house.  Before I gave my parents the Xbox One, I had set up it up in my house and ran both their Xbox One and my Xbox One on the same home network in my house.  The video quality was medium/poor and pixelated between them at that time as well, but probably not quite as bad as it is now (hard to remember exactly how bad it was, but was notably not good).  I am typically able to make crystal clear Skype video calls when I use the computer in my home, so I thought that the poor video quality between them was strange at the time, but didn’t have time to troubleshoot further, and wrote it off to both Xbox Ones using the same network and eating up all the bandwidth.  However, now that my parents have their Xbox One at their home, I can see that the problem is with the Xbox Ones themselves.


Set-up Details:

My home network has a 100/5Mbps Charter internet connection.  I run numerous Linksys E4200 routers in my home to create the network, all running a Toastman version of the Tomato firmware.  Instead of running Cat6 Ethernet cable all over the house, I have one E4200 router communicate with other E4200 routers acting as wireless bridges via the 5Ghz band to various locations (each on its own channel), and then can connect remote devices via Cat6 cable to each router.  I then have those E4200 routers broadcast a wireless signal on the 2.4Ghz band (each on a different channel to eliminate interference between them) to provide wireless access to any devices that need it.  This way the 5Ghz network acts as a wireless backbone for very high speed connections between the routers (instead of running cables), and the routers themselves can then connect devices to each of them via Ethernet cable or via 2.4Ghz wireless.  I know this is complicated, but it works very well.


So, I then connect my Computer and Xbox One to two different routers via Cat6 cable to their Ethernet ports.  When I run a check with this set-up, I always get 15-20ms pings, with 50-95Mbps down and 5Mbps up speed.  The Xbox One itself in Settings->Network->Detailed Network Statistics reports pings of 82ms, with 40-61Mbps down and 5Mbps up speed.  Just to confirm the speed, my wife is Skype vide calling her parents from the Xbox One right now, and my computer just got 19ms ping with 80Mbps down and 5Mbps up speed.  And just to triple check, I plugged a laptop into the same router my Xbox One is connected to and reports 46ms ping with 34Mbps down and 5Mbps up speed So as I indicated before, internet speed and home network speed isn’t an issue.


When I connected my parents Xbox One to my home network before giving it to them, I connected it via its own wireless connection, and not via the Ethernet port the way mine is.


In testing, I also tried connecting my Xbox One with its own wireless instead of via the Ethernet port, and it didn’t have any effect on the video quality (see below).  However, it is noted that the Xbox One itself in Settings->Network->Detailed Network Statistics reports pings of 82ms, with 3-4 Mbps down and 5Mbps up speed when it uses its own wireless.  This seems strange, since the network is capable and gets 50-95Mbps down and 5Mbps up speed.  Perhaps the Xbox One’s wireless network card needs some tweaking.


My computer is quick, runs Windows 7, has a high quality webcam (Logitech c920), is running Skype version, and as I mentioned is connected to a E4200 remote router via a Cat6 Ethernet cable.


My parents have Time Warner Road Runner internet, an Apple dual band router, and connect everything wirelessly to the router.  I don’t know the purchased speed, but running from their computer connected wirelessly gets 9-27ms pings, with 8-17Mbps down and 2Mbps up speed, so I am guessing 20/2 Mbps.


Tests Ran with the set-up above:

Here are the results of the video quality with the various devices using the set-ups above:

Device A                                                          Device B                                              Video Quality
@home XbOne (Ethernet*)                       @home XbOne (wireless)                Medium/Poor

@home Computer (Ethernet*)                 @home XbOne (Ethernet*)            Excellent

@home Computer (Ethernet*)                 @home XbOne (wireless)                Excellent

@home Computer (Ethernet*)                 @Parents’ XbOne (wireless)            Good

@home XbOne (Ethernet*)                       @Parents’ Computer (wireless)      Excellent

@Parents’ Computer (wireless)                @Parents’ XbOne (wireless)            Excellent

@home XbOne (Ethernet*)                       @Parents’ XbOne (wireless)            Poor


*Keep in mind that while the device may be using Ethernet, the router it is connected to is actually connected via 5Ghz signal to the main router which connects to the internet.


Potential Conclusions:

So since we are able to have video calls between the two houses with excellent video quality as indicated above, this should not be an internet connection or home networking issue.  So what seems to be left is an Xbox One settings issue, or possibly an issue with the Xbox One wireless card being slow.  Perhaps the Xbox Ones are setting the video quality to a lower level than they should when they are connected to each other.  I suppose it could also be that my parents have a bad Xbox One, since all the lower video quality calls happen when that machine is part of the calls.  However, this seems unlikely since their Xbox One was able to have a good quality video call when it connected to the computer that is also at my parents’ house.


Help Please:

Any help you can offer here would be appreciated.   It is frustrating to have poor video quality when that is the primary reason we bought the Xbox Ones.  I sent a message with similar details to Ian as suggested in a previous post.  I am happy to work with you to troubleshoot and clear up the issues.




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Let us know if they respond to your email. I emailed them with the same problem and I havent gotten a response. I even hooked up my xbox directly to the cablemodem and My  video from the xbox to the other person is stil pixelated. I even have 25mbps of upload.


Seems like a problem that microsoft refuses to address.

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