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I am out of ideas for my App

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Hey people, so my big issue seems to be unique since no one can help me even from microsoft support. I was told to try and contact the developer for further help. My skype app freezes after about 15-30 seconds and then crashes soon after. I never had problem before with skype, but now i cant even use it. I power cycled, uninstalled, removed my profile, followed all steps by microsoft to go through setting and trying to fix it. Nadda. I beg of you skype community, please help!

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Sorry to hear about this issue! Few things to clarify:


1. If you log into Xbox with a different account and then launch Skype - will it still crash?

2. Does the same Microsoft account/Skype account work fine on other devices?

3. Do you have a chance to try and log in with this Xbox account on a different Xbox One and see if Skype will work there?



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Also, please send me a personal message with your Xbox One Console ID. I will check with the product team - maybe we will be able to see why it crashes.

You can find the Console ID in Settings > System > Console info.



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My friends account works perfe
ctly on it! What should I do next? It must be my account.

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How many contacts do you have in your account?


Also, do send me a personal message as I asked in my previous post - thanks.

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I have less then 10 contacts in my account. I will send the personal message now


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I got the ID, thank you.


If possible, can you try to launch app and if it crashes, let me know exact time and date of the crash? This will help us locating a possible crash instance in the system.

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Froze at 11:09 AM, full crash at 11:10-11:11 AM June 20th


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I too and having this problem and I've searched the internet far and wide. The only thing I haven't tried is a factory reset on the Xbox One.


Please!!! Anyone?

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I found the problem for those suffering the same bug.


Unlink your Microsoft account from this website. It's in your "settings."


Then uninstall Skype from your Xbox One, do a full power cycle (hold Xbox for 10 seconds or so). Install Skype and load it up. It will ask you to link your Microsoft account again, do it. 


You should be good to go. 


I don't know how everything got hung up but this definitely worked for myself and someone else having the same problem.



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