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Green picture during video calls

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Casual Tourist

I am only getting a green screen from my camera when making video calls on x box one,can anyone suggest anything


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Community Manager

What Skype version are you receiving the video from your Xbox from?

Or to be more precise: Which Skype version on which plattform is sending the green video? It's usually the recording and not the playback end of video that is causing this. Make sure you are running the latest available Skype version on that plattform.

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Novel Tourist

I get the same issue. Uninstalled and reinstalled skype 2 days ago so I presume that I have the latest version from then.

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Novel Adventurer

I'm having the green screen issue with my skype on xbox one as well. I could see the person and all they could see was a green screen and where i should see myself in the bottom right corner, all i saw was green also. I can't find a solution anywhere.

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Staff Moderator

If you're Xbox is sending just green video, then it is likely to be an issue with the Kinect sensor, which can usually be resolved by restarting the sensor. Either perform a hard power down and restart the console (press and hold the power button for about ten seconds), or disconnect and reconnect the sensor from the console.

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Novel Adventurer

Earlier before i posted my comment, I thought it might behave been the kinect but my kinect was working just fine.

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Staff Moderator

Your Kinect sensor can appear to be working just fine anywhere else, but this green video issue is invariably caused by a sensor problem requiring the reset I described previously.

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Novel Tourist
I installed yesterday and was getting the same thing. I powered off my console completely by unplugging the power cable at the back. When I restarted the console, the picture transmitted correctly.
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Post transferred to Skype for Computer: Windows message board as Staff Moderator Acampos noted, is not related to XBox.

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