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The desktop app does not work.

I can sign into and use the web version easily, 100%.

The desktop app used to work, now if I start it, it says "Skype cannot start".

I unstalled it and installed the newest version. Same problem.

Now I cannot even uninstalled that.

It asks me to sign it, fine at first. I can enter my email address, fine.

But then it asks me for my password. When I enter it and click next it says "Skype can otherwise start", and crashes.

I do get an error message that says the BT service cannot start. But I have started, enabled it and updated all drivers.

There is money in my account, I put it there from the web.

What do I do next since I am used to using the desktop app and not the web?

I have renamed things, and deleted things as the community has said, but same problem.

In summary, desktop app is unusable but web is fine.

I can not uninstalled it. It gets stuck saying it is gathering information. It says to close Chrome, but it is not open.

I have tried both the regular Programs Uninstaller and Revolution Uninstaller.

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Hi, @hawaiianlungs, and welcome to the Skype Community,


Please post back with the following details, so we can arrange to transfer your question to the correct forum within the Skype Community:

  1. Your computer/laptop make and model;
  2. Its operating system (Mac - Sierra? Windows 10?);
  3. Confirmation of having installed cumulative patches and updates, for example for Windows 7, Service Pack 2.

Thanks in advance,


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Windows 7 Professional;, all patched, newest. 

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Thinkpad T430, oodles and lots of RAM and Hard Drive Space. Specifically 16GB RAM and 150 GB free space left.

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Please, run the System Information tool (msinfo32)


Go to Windows Start and in the Run box type msinfo32.exe and press the OK button. This will open the System Information window.  In this window click on File and select Export. Save the msinfo.txt file to your hard drive and attach this file to your post here.

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How do I attach a file?  There is no "paperclip" to attach a file.

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I received an error saying the sysinfo.txt is too large.

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If I clic k on file export it gives a sysinfo.txt not a msinfo.txt file.

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Post this file on a File sharing site, as e.g. OneDrive.

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