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Skype can't connect. HOW DO I FIX IT!!!!!!!

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OK BRB first you goat do this go to turn off your firewall and then go to help and then go to install programs then install skype and MacAfee cuss MacAfee is messing you up then restart your computer and make sure that skype is installed and then download skype again let it update and everything and it will work I: TY everyone for listening and it does work trust me I did the same

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Problem Solved!

I've tried every suggestion found anywhere on the net! However, I've finally sorted it out: my computer runs Windows 7 and I have Norton Security which overrides the Windows Firewall. This is the key to the solution. Open Norton Internet Security. This can be done by right-clicking on the desk-top icon. Go to Settings, then Network, Smart Firewall, Program Control. Find "Skype" in the list. Check to see that "Allow" is chosen, not "Block", as was the problem for me. As soon as I changed it from Block to Allow, I was able to connect.


Hope this helps every other frustrated Skype user.

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indeed you are right just instal the older version. seach in google for download older version of skype and it will work for sure!

i had the same problem and followed this advice; it worked.

good luck,


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I have the same exact problem you described here and i was wondering if anybody had figured out the problem yet????

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I'm having the same freaking problem! This just shows you how much Skype sucks that they won't help any of use with this problem!!!!!!!!

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Exit Skype
Open McAfee
Click "web and email protection"
Click "firewall"
click "interent connections for programs
allow programs to load
scroll down to Skype
You will see BLOCK
Left click on Skype line
Click EDIT (at the boTtom)
Select "Full Access"
Click "Save"
Restart Skype
Sign in
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Guys, I believe that has something to do with the new "Severe" virus just came up....

I've removed 5.1 completely (registry, %PROGRAMFILES%, etc), installed Skype 4.2 and the same issue; can't connect (see attached). My company contacted the MS support without any feedbacks yet. We do have like 20 people in our company with the same issue; can't connect (with the same exist symptoms). I came home, installed Skype 5.1, the same issue. I don't know what is going on and I hope this will be solved ASAP as my company have a "gold" Skype subscription. If any of you find a "workaround", I would be more than happy to hear it at:

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Im having the same problem did you ever find a solution?y):n):

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I found it was the McAfee firewall that was preventing the Skype to connect.  I fixed it by going into the site and clicking on settings then restore defaults.  After that it connected ok.  I did lose my contact list, but am gradually getting it back.

Good luck with yours.

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