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Skype can't connect. HOW DO I FIX IT!!!!!!!

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Everytime i bring up my skype program i log in and the blue circle spins for about 20 seconds. Then highlighted in yellow it comes up with, Skype can't connect. I have tried re-installing it, and fidiling with my internet options. My firewall is completly off and i dont use a proxy server i use a ADSL connection and i dont have a wireless router. I SERIOUSLY HAVE TRIED EVERYTHING! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP! i wish there was a skype customer support number i could call

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hi! I'm having the exact same problem as this, I was wondering if anybody replied with a solution? I really have no idea what to do lol. Hope you can get it fixed!

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why is this problm happening to all of us.. freak m having the same issue.. i m **bleep**in frustratd of this .. i need sme serious solution nw to deal wid this ... please , HELP !!!!

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I have the same problems we need help, I try re-installig , and still have the same problem.....
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This only happened recently right? I have the same problem. I think it is because I did not instal the latest version of skype, because as soon as I clicked 'not now' it went offline and could not connect. It would really help me if I could know the circumstances of when yours suddenly went offline?


Thanks in advance,


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i had some proble as you described here.. try to make new account and try again.. i fix the problem like this (or have you download some free SIP app to your computer and try there?)
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Guyss you just need to update your skype x
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I dont think up dateing Skype is going to fix this issue, i have been trying to download Skype for a few days, Cannot Connect to the Server...
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It happened to me for 2 days. I finally rebooted my router and my PC and all worked fine I could connect without any issues..

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just turn off the fire wall of your antivirus i.e MCAfee

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