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Skype can't connect. HOW DO I FIX IT!!!!!!!

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My Skype does not connect to the internet. How can I solve my problem.
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I have the same problem - I have tried everything deleting emp file - uninstalling - disabling firewall etc - it was working one minute and now not on all of our devices and different accounts - I need to resolve this urgently

 I have windows Vista ultimate and have the lastest version of skype and am using AVAST security



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I download skype and it didn't go to : add new programs. Plus I didn't get a skype logo or a start up logo . What site do I have to download to get my account back up and running ?



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Well ... I have no Antivirus thing installed

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Same problem. I just tried updatin it and gettin the latest version but found out the one I've got that isn't workin is the latest version. :mad:

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I too am having this problem.


Symptoms (in rough chronological order):

Someone tries to call me. Accept / close buttons unresponsive, cannot accept call

Shockwave flash will keep crashing if browser windows are simultaneously open

Skype will not start (already sgned in error, so I close hidden Skype instance in Task Manager)

Skype starts, but cannot connect (green circle 'connecting' shows indefinitely)

Antivirus (AVG free) turned off - no change

Installed Skype on my Android device. Worked first time, but subsequent attempts to open app fail


PC: Win7 64-bit, latest updates for Flash and Shockwave flash installed. IE reinstalled. No change

Android device: Samsung Galaxy Young Duo with latest version of Skype installed


If anyone else suggests turning off my antivirus as if this is the obvious answer I shall probably explode! Skype has always played nicely with AVG (TEN years now)


What on earth have they done to Skype? Has anyone got a good suggestion for an alternative, as I really dont' have time to mess around for hours trying to use something that has always worked for years...


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my skype can't connect

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Ok, Since Skype seem totally indifferent to this problem, I managed to find a fix that worked for me.


Having done some serious investigating, it looked like the internal flash player for Google Chrome was conflicting with the 2nd installed (i.e. standard version) of flash.


Solution: I have had to remove Google Chrome and install another browser. I also removed flash. Skype now works fine.


The cynic in me suspects that Microsoft (Skype's owners) may be aware of this issue and happy to leave it as low priority, since having to remove Google Chrome is a great way to get people back on IE.


So I installed Firefox ;-)


I hope this helps others and saves the hours of wasted time I spent fixing Skype's compatibility issues. As a paying customer, I don't expect to have to debug Skype!

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I've downloaded and installed skype 6.7, uninstalled Chrome, Adode flash player + plug in but still cannot log in to skype. i can onnly login via website? What going with skype these days?

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Is there seriously no fix for this yet?  Unbelievable...

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