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Skype Keeps disconnecting and Re-connecting

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HI There, 


since last week my skype, and a couple of my skype contacts have been experiencing the same problem. Skype will stay connected for a while in the morning and then it will will start disconnecting and showing you as offline. If you whach it, you can actually see it disconnecting, looking for a connection and then connects again for a couple of seconds. 


I though it was the version that I'm running so upgraded and currently running on version: but this has not changed anything. To rule out my company network I tested this at home on my home network with both my Laptop and my Pc and the result is the same. 


What could it be? and how do we get arround this?

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Hey! i have the same problem, when i talk/chat with people it sometimes bounces off and people cant recieve my calls or messages

Using the main Skype client program window please do:


Tools -> Options -> Advanced -> Connection


Please uncheck the enable uPnP checkbox and click the "Save" button.


Stop/Start Skype


Any better?


Note: If this works it would be best to disable uPnP at the router level.

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I have tried running with uPnP disabled but it was not better. I had it with uPnP disabled for the whole of yesterday. This morning I have switched it back on even though it still drops, it seems to be better with it enabled.

Are you using a wireless network nearby other possible wireless networks, like near or in an apartment/condo like building that might be on your same wireless channel?


If so, please see this free program that can tell you if this is causing you issues as well.


If this is a laptop/notebook, it could be overheating, during long video calls, this free program can tell you if this is the case.

About Me You can also use a IP Camera as your camera for Skype video Example Instructions
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I'm having the same problem. It's annoying. I've done what you said here, and ever tried forwording the port. Still disconnects randomly. It's not my internet connection because its at 100% and it doesn't disconnect in the game I'm playing. Please release an update to fix this problem.
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I'm having the same problem too. It disconnects randomly and my contacts can't even see me as online.
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Having this problem too.. Fedora 15.. tried port forwarding but didn't help..

Tried running command line with pipelogin, but there's not really any debug... is there any way to get debug output from this software?



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Try deleting shared.xml file as mentioned here :

If not helping make sure your router is enabling UDP packages transmission.
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Anyone fix this yet?